A Story of Hope

To whom it may concern,

Four years ago I walked into your building and was instantly greeted with open arms and smiling faces. I had a four-year-old, and a 1-year-old with me and I was almost 8 months pregnant. You guys helped me so much! I was a struggling mother and living in sin with my live-in boyfriend (my children’s father). We both worked so hard but could barely afford gas to last for the week.  You helped me get closer to God and helped get us diapers, bottles, a cradle, clothes, wipes, etc., everything that we needed, and we were so grateful for all of you.

Picture of Amber Holding Her Beautiful BabyI’m not sure if you have the same staff as you did back then, but I wanted to help you help other young mothers, such as myself, and give back.  I wish we could do more right now but hopefully we will be able to in the future.  (Hopefully it won’t take another 4 years – lol)

My girls and I had a blast every time we went there, we felt like family. When I had to have my C-section and had to miss the Wednesday Bible study, everybody came to my house, and I hosted! When I could return, there was a photographer there who took our pictures, so I copied it to send you a copy and included pictures of us now.

My live in boyfriend became my husband and we have never been happier than we all are now. Once again, thank you!

With Love,


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