Welcome to the new Hearts for Oasis website. Thanks for taking a look around and getting to this page! We are very grateful for the Lord's provision and the support of so many that is seeing us through this most "interesting" time of ministry. COVID-19 has impacted so many and will be remembered for many years to come.

Three months ago, we had never heard the phrase "social distancing". Now it is used everyday most everywhere we turn. Most every store we go into has markings to keep us at least 6 feet from another person. Quarantining used to be for those very sick or very contagious. We have been asked by our government authorities to self-quarantine for the good of all. Oasis is seeing a steady flow of new clients asking for our services particularly pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

One of the results of pandemic has been a surge in demand for abortion services. In a recent USA Today article (April 13, 2020) the first line reads, "The coronavirus outbreak has fueled attempts to ban abortions in some states, but providers where the procedure remains available report increased demand, often from women distraught over economic stress and health concerns linked to the pandemic."

This is the reason we are continuing to serve those who would be vulnerable to making the decision to end the life of their child. Although our centers have been closed to our regular clients, we have been serving them "virtually" as we send them links to access their lessons and meet with them over the phone or via Zoom. We continue to meet personally with those who are pondering abortion abiding by CDC guidelines. We also continue to hear stories how God in moving in people's lives. Here is a story from one of our center directors that happened in March.

"Emily came in wanting to know about getting an abortion. She had already made up her mind and had no intention of keeping the pregnancy. She wanted all the information she needed to get the procedure done. The father of her baby did not want her to abort their child. After taking the pregnancy test, Emily requested that the father of her baby be in the room for discussion. Their client advocate discussed abortion procedures and put on the video “When You Have to Decide.” In this video, a former abortion doctor explains what happens to mom and baby during an abortion.

While they both watched the video they started crying and holding each other. They were in shock. Afterwards, we were able to offer an ultrasound. When they heard their baby's heartbeat, we saw a change in their demeanor. They left with all of the information they needed to make a decision. The client advocate followed up with the client a few days later and she was excited to let us know that she had changed her mind and was keeping her baby."

This is the reason we do what we do. COVID-19 threw us a curveball. But God can help us hit anything and He is still doing His work in the lives of so many.

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